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Note on the features:
The description pertains to the 'Standard' version of A-Plan. A list of the differences between the 'Standard' and the 'SQL' version is given here.


  • Easy handling
  • Easy to learn.
  • Very good cost/benefit ratio.
  • Suitable for the planning of projects, resources and costs as well as for scheduling
  • Target / Actual comparisons
  • Forecasts
  • Follow-up feature
  • Alarm function
  • Allows for an almost unlimited data volume (32,000 folders with 32,000 projects with each project containing up to 32,000 activities and each actvity up to 32,000 task bars in one row).
  • Tasks may be broken down to as many as 99 levels.


  • Access to all data in one window.
  • Intuitive operation using a multi-function bar
  • Status switches provide a quick overview on all current, upcoming or completed tasks.
  • Flexible filters.
  • Periodically recurring activities.
  • Up to 99 profiles enable you to save all your settings (including different views of data, filters, print settings etc.).

Resource Planning

  • Simultaneous view of resources with working hours, absence times, capacity usage and assigned tasks.
  • Any working hours of resources are accepted (even irregular hours, overtime etc.).
  • Any labour rates may be specified (even different rates, depending on working hours etc.).
  • Resources can be assigned to tasks at will - with capacity usage, working hours and interruptions as required.
  • Automatic calculation of the duration of each task.
  • Automatic distribution of work to any time periods.
  • Resources may be persons, machinery but also rooms etc.


  • Flexible printout of data as shown on the screen as a table with landscape calendar (Gantt chart) and comprehensive setting options.
  • Different options and settings can be saved in print templates.
  • Company logo, text fields etc. can be integrated.
  • Printout may be saved as a graphics file for distribution, for example, by e-mail.


It is possible to configure reports in a flexible manner apart from printing them out:

  • Reports are maintained in MS Excel format, so that it is possible to edit them or to incorporate the data that they contain
  • The contents and format may be adapted as required based on different templates

Network Version

  • The network version (=multiuser license) enables several users to access a database simultaneously.
  • Different authorisation levels may be assigned for all projects to various users.
  • For frequent access by more than about 10 users simultaneously, A-Plan SQL may be used (see SQL Version)

Add-On WebViewer (optional)

  • Project data and schedules may be viewed on any Internet browser (thus, for example, they may also be browsed on an iPhone or iPad)
  • Views and scope of data are configurable for each user of the WebViewer.
  • Adjustable refresh period
  • The views are also available in PDF format.
  • Protected from access by third parties

Synchronisation module (optional)

  • Synchronisation both across two A-Plan® databases and across an A Plan® database and MS Outlook®.
  • Using MS Outlook® as an interface enables you to transfer A-Plan® data to a PDA such as, for example, Palm®, Psion® or Pocket-PC®.
  • The data to be synchronized can be specified at will.

Time tracking (optional)

  • Time tracking up to the minute and assignment of actual work and incurred costs to tasks.
  • Clear reports on spent times and costs with comparison of target values vs actual values.
  • Presentation of capacity usage over time.
  • Reports are output to MS Excel® files making further processing and transfer of reports an easy task.


System requirements

A-Plan 12.0 Basic:

Operating system*: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
PC: approx. 2 Ghz (recommended)
RAM: 8 GB (recommended)
hard disk space: approx. 120 MB

*On Apple computers, A-Plan runs only if Windows has also been installed (e.g. with the help of Bootcamp or parallels)!

A-Plan 12.0 SQL:

Requirements as given for "Standard" and "Basic", but, in addition, a Microsoft SQL Server (Vers. 2008 or higher, SQL Server Express is possible too) is necessary.