Is it possible to carry out a rough planning and then to insert the break-up levels (individual tasks) only subsequently, without disturbing the planning of the previous break-up levels??


The best thing to do in this case is to create a task one level deeper respectively that serves to hold the approximate time period (possibly by one milestone each at the beginning and end of the time period foreseen).

Another option is to create one line with milestones for the rough time period and not to enter any time bars at the time of creating the rough schedule to begin with.

When using A-Plan, the time scale for entering and displaying time points and for internal calculation can be configured between 1 minute and 1 day.

If the time scale configured is too rough for planning your schedules, you may set it to be with the help of the options menu (see "Database settings" / "Times/Calendar weeks").


I have prepared a maintenance plan in A-Plan, created multiple machines and incorporated the tasks to be completed.

The problem is that the maintenance intervals are very different and, in fact, between 1 day and 5 years. Is it possible to create recurring tasks for this purpose?


You can create multiple time bars in one line (by double clicking) and each of these time bars can then be used as the basis for a separate series of tasks (click the time bar with the right mouse button and choose "Series...").


We would like to schedule projects for which the starting date (i.e. the time point of the contract being awarded) is not yet known. Hence, we need, for example, in the Gantt chart only the names Month-1, Month-2, Month-3 etc. in the header. How can this be set up?


This is not possible so directly, but, in this case, you can let the entire project begin, for example, on 1.1.20xx and then shift it to the final position when needed. You can do this by keeping the left mouse button pressed on the uppermost title time bar of the project.

Calendar rows ("Special times/Costs","Overtime") and tasks can be removed from display to have nothing else but absence rows of resources displayed. To make this setting, choose "Tools" / "Options" from the menu, click on the tab "Columns" / "Resources:" and activate the options "Do not show calendar rows" and "Do not show tasks".

Likewise, these settings can be made for the printout as well (see "Options" / "Page Setup").

Profiles do not contain data but settings only (e. g. to determine the data to be displayed and how they are displayed) whereas the real data are saved in a central database and are therefore the same for all profiles. For this reason, it does not matter which profile is used to create or delete data.

Filters are then used to determine which of the data contained in the database will be displayed on screen -and which are to be hidden ("View" / "Set Filter..."). It is these filter settings (and not data !) that are saved in the current profile in a given situation.

Notes on profiles are provided in the online help file and in the manual of A-Plan (see "Options" / "Saving options in profiles").