* How do I identify that I have installed the latest version?

* How are the updates incorporated?


The current version respectively is available on our website under Patches.

The date of your version is given in the Welcome window of A-Plan and also in the menu under "?" / "Info on A-Plan".

With the versions A-Plan 2009 or higher, a message appears when you start A-Plan if a new version is available and you can then install this automatically.

Using A-Plan in a networked environment simply requires that A-Plan can access the database saved on a central server. Apart from database-sharing, A-Plan runs independantly on clients. As a result, A-Plan will normally support all networks as long as clients run under Windows.

Network support is tested quite easily by installing A-Plan on two clients and using one of them to save an A-Plan database on the server ("Save as..."). Then, open the same database from the second client to see whether file-sharing works or not.