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Global Settings


Is it possible in A-Plan to configure the default settings for printing and viewing in such a manner that each user has the default values available when he creates a new database?


For the version A-Plan 2009 or higher, you have the so-called "Global profiles", which are available to all users for all databases (see the manual or the online help "Options" / "Save the options in profiles").

fold faq

"wrong" week number

A-Plan allows you to set the begin of the week by choosing either Sunday ("American calendar") or Monday ("European calender") as the first day of the week. This setting is made under "Options" in the tab "Default values"/"Safety".If Sunday is set as the first day of the week, week numbers will be calculated differently as American and European week numbers are sometimes different! (In the US, the first week is the week which contains the 1st of January whereas in Europe the week containing at least 4 days of the new year is week number no.1.)

Normally, the correct setting is taken over from the Windows system setting. However, if the setting of the first day of the week was changed inadvertently in A-Plan, this may affect the calculation of week numbers.