Problems / Errors


The alarm feature has been disabled for the user concerned / folder in the scope of the user authorisations.


See "Extras" / "User administration"


The wrong day has been configured for the beginning of the week (Sunday instead of Monday or vice versa).


See "Options" / "Database settings" / "Times/Calendar weeks".

Explanation 1

The folder is "closed" (the "+" symbol is located in front of the folder name).

Remedy 1

Click on the "+" symbol.

Explanation 2

One or more filters have been set whose conditions are not met by any of the records. This is why no data is being displayed.

Remedy 2

Call up View / Filter... and press the Delete filter button.


The folder filter is enabled and no folders have been selected for display.


Disable the folder filter or select the folders to be displayed in the list of the filter dialogue screen.


The calculation of duration has been disabled for the standard calendar.


Open the view of the working hours (Menu View / Resources calendar (Working hours)) and enable the calculation of duration for the standard calendar by selecting With duration.


The last attempt to open A-Plan and load a database failed since the database has an error (possibly caused by a system crash, etc.).

A-Plan determines this when starting up the next time and offers you the option of executing the repair program.


If your response to the question: "Should an attempt be made to repair the file?" is "Yes", a repair program is invoked that corrects the error in almost all cases.

In case errors occur while you are working with A-Plan, we recommend that you proceed as follows:

1. Please check whether you have installed the current release. You can find the version that is installed in your system using the menu on the extreme right: Press the question mark and then select Info on A-Plan. (With A-Plan 2009 version or higher, when starting A-Plan, a message appears automatically if a newer version is available, which can then also be installed automatically.)

The current version of the respective release is available on our homepage under: Patches

2. If the error continues to occur:

Call up the repair function in A-Plan:
"File" / "Repair database..."

3. If the error is not resolved with this, please contact us via e-mail