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The MindManager from the company Mindjet (see is highly suited, for example, to set up the structure interactively at the beginning of a project. Using the interface between A-Plan and the MindManager, the structure created with all descriptions, time schedules, appendices etc. can be transferred to an A-Plan database, so that detailed planning, resource allocations etc. may be done with the help of A-Plan. After initial synchronisation has been done, changes in both programs can be updated mutually by pressing a button. Moreover, the interface may be used to display existing A-Plan projects in MindManager as a Mindmap or as a Project Structure Plan (PSP). In the process, the relevant data from A-Plan is displayed in Mindmanager and may be edited on both sides.

The MindManager interface is an integral part of the add-on module, Synchronisation. Please refer to our Price list for the prices.