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What is A-Plan

Projektplanung und Ressourcenplanung mit A-Plan

A-Plan for Windows is an easy to learn and inexpensive planning software which is suitable not only for project and resource planning but also for creating bar charts and for scheduling tasks. With its outstanding flexibility, A-Plan is a genuine alternative to conventional project management software which is often found to be too complex for a given application, thus requiring extensive time to get familiar with the program.

Due to its ease of use and its multi-purpose approach, the concept of A-Plan for Windows is unique.

At the same time, its flexibility makes A-Plan for Windows a good choice for tasks other than project planning as well, as for example:

  • Easy to use
  • High level of acceptance by all users
  • Enabled for multi-user and multi-project capability without limitations
  • simple access to all projects and resources in a single database
  • Low costs for purchase and training
  • Compatible with MS Project

A-Plan for Windows exists since 1992. It won several awards and is now used by approx. 100,000 licensed users.

A-Plan for Windows was developed and improved constantly in close coordination with the users. As a result, approx. 80 % of the current program features are based on requests made by users.

To experience the ease of use and the variety of applications, a fully featured evaluation version is available free of charge.