Add-On Synchronization

The synchronization module for A-Plan (including the MindManager interface)

Synchronization of two A-Plan databases

A database in A-Plan may be copied to another computer (e.g. a notebook) easily and ported. In this case, however, the contents of the centralized or external database differ from one another if any changes are made to any one of them. With the help of the synchronization module, both of the different databases may be synchronized with one another so that finally, both databases are again identical to one another, and no changes are lost.

Synchronization between A-Plan and MS Outlook

Moreover, using the synchronization module, data can be transferred between A-Plan and the personal calendar in MS Outlook (Version 97 or higher, not MS Outlook Express). This obviates the need for duplicate data entry, if, for example, tasks or projects administered with A-Plan also need to be viewed in MS Outlook.

Synchronization between A-Plan and MindManager

See MindManager

The synchronization module is included in the test version of A-Plan and may be tested for 30 days without obligation. It may be licensed together with A-Plan or even subsequently with the help of a new key for permanent use. The price list is shown here.

Important: The software MindManager and MS Outlook are not included!