History of Changes A-Plan 12.0

Release 12.01.029 (05-18-16)
Preventing that files of version 2016 can be opened.

Release 12.01.028 (04-14-16)
– When copying a project, the permissions are not always copied.

Release 12.01.025 (01-23-16)
– Users of Active Directory will not be displayed in users administration

Release 12.01.024 (01-13-16)
– Workload will not be recalculated when changing the assigned resource

Release 12.01.023 (12-18-15)
– “Subscript out of range” when assigning a resource

Release 12.01.022 (12-08-15)
– Days are shifted after scrolling the Gantt chart
– Resource allocations are dissolved after refreshing the data from the database

Release 12.01.021 (10-19-15)
– Error message: “Index out of range”

Release 12.01.020 (10-12-15)
– Tooltip is still shown if A-Plan is hidden.

Release 12.01.018 (08-31-15)
– Resource bars are not adjusted with task bars.

Release 12.01.017 (08-09-15)
– Timetracking 2.0:
Temporarily storing the data entered in the local profile instead of the temp directory

Release 12.01.016 (08-03-15)
– Timetracking 2.0:
– after deleting a time not all new times are shown
– resource rows have to not be signed as “finished” (since rel. 12.01.015)

Release 12.01.015 (07-08-15)
– Timetracking 2.0:
– Alphabetical order of tasks (instead of chronological)
– Online help could not be opended
– Field for password now with 255 characters
Heading time bar can not be hidden

Release 12.01.014 (06-23-15)
– Printer settings are not always saved correctly

Release 12.01.013 (06-06-15)
– Further modest improvements in performance with the SQL version

Release 12.01.012 (05-28-15)
– SQL version: many function about 50% faster
– SQL version: prompt if a new user should be created with Win or SQL authentication, if she/he exists in the AD

Release 12.01.011 (04-20-15)
– faster open with SQL database
– resource filter is not shown if settings are opened again

Release 12.01.010 (03-13-15)
– When splitting taskbars all properties will be used for the second one too (execution, workload, description)
– In the main window bottom scrollbar will occasionally not be displayed
– Project could be inserted by copy & paste into a read-only folder
– When copying a task only resources with at least editing permission are assigned

Release 12.01.009 (02-17-15)
– project is shown despite no permission
– automatic correction of incorrect tasks in the resource view

Release 12.01.007 (02-11-15)
– taskbar longer than resource bars after shifting

Release 12.01.006 (02-04-15)
– elimination of occasional delays when scrolling

Release 12.01.005 (01-22-15)
– multiple assignments of a resource to a task will be prevented

Release 12.01.004 (01-19-15)
– Error message: “Not enough string memory”
– Error message: “Invalid procedure call”

Release 12.01.003 (12-23-14)
– logo is not being hidden with opening in fullscreen mode

Release 12.01.002 (12-03-14)
– wrong insertion of new lines without a taskbar
– resources table were not always shown after restart

Release 12.01.001 (11-21-14)
– optional with TimeTracking 2.0
– subsequent opening the resources list with many resources substantially faster
– resources tables were not always shown after restart
– downgraded lines are inserted into the wrong place
– When opening a SQL database with another user the current profile is stored also with the new user.

Release 12.00.036 (11-05-14)
– with finished milestones “compl%” are now always set to 100%
– global profiles were not always stored
– outdated releases are marked now in the user administration

Release 12.00.035 (09-24-14)
– Inputs/changes are only shown after refresh
– wrong status of headers is corrected automatically

 Release 12.00.034 (09-17-14)
– the associated task is not always marked in the project view with clicking on it in the resource view
– for the deletion of a link in the appropriate column ‘creation’-right is necessary now – like already so far for the deletion in the gantt chart
– simultaneous downgrade of several projects sometimes causes errors

Release 12.00.033 (08-18-14)
– Users are not correctly sorted on SQL servers, if the name contains “_”
– Error when shifting linked task bars with lock
– Prevention that limits are set in headings
– WebCreator: If a username is contained in another, its files were also uploaded
– WebCreator: At time interval “as profile” manual setting was used, now also “automatically” etc.

Release 12.00.032 (07-01-14)
– Improvements in performance (switching of profiles, synchronisation of profiles and transferring an MS Access database to a SQL server)

Release 12.00.031 (06-09-14)
– Costs could not be entered, if no (more) resources are assigned (since Rel. 12.00.028)
– Deleting of extensive data substantially faster
– Automatic correction of missing actual times (concerns only SQL version)

Release 12.00.030 (05-19-14)
– If the server connection is lost it is checked every 10 seconds (so far once per minute). If the connection exists, A-Plan is automatically reconnected.
– If the holiday file cannot be opened, it is copied temporarily into the local profile directory and opened from there.

Release 12.00.029 (04-24-14)
Error message connection error was replaced by a window with explanation of the cause.
– Error “Overflow”
– Setting “100% finished” for the last task of a parent didn’t change the status of the parent.
– With setting ‘Auto-hide the taskbar’ A-Plan was shown in top of all windows by changing the active application.

Release 12.00.028 (03-24-14)
– Filter dialog is now larger (to show long folder names)
– Upper table scrolls suddenly up to the end
Links to hidden lines are shown in brackets
Gantt chart was not shown with the next start if it has been very small before
Authorizations were not transferred with copy and paste
– Logo can by placed individually for PDF files of WebViewer
Simultaneous change of the duration of several tasks produces wrong values
Fields of the filter stored only 64 characters (now 512)

Release 12.00.027 (02-12-14)
– Since Rel. 12.00.026 sometimes slowly scrolling.

Release 12.00.026 (01-25-14)
– Message by trying to create a new profile in the quick access toolbar.
– Wrong warning if the end of the task reaches the limit.
– Scrolling to a resource by selecting a task bar (so far only by clicking the designation)
– “+”-sign for opening and closing a parent task is not shown.

Release 12.00.024 (10-28-13)
– Allocation of resources and shifting lines by drag & drop substantially faster.

Release 12.00.023 (09-30-13)
– First English release of A-Plan 12.0.