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The MindManager from the company Mindjet (see is highly suited, for example, to set up the structure interactively at the beginning of a project. Using the interface between A-Plan and the MindManager, the structure created with all descriptions, time schedules, appendices etc. can be transferred to an A-Plan database, so that detailed planning, resource allocations etc. may be done with the help of A-Plan. After the initial synchronization has been done, changes in both programs can be updated mutually by pressing a button. Moreover, the interface may be used to display existing A-Plan projects in MindManager as a Mindmap or as a Project Structure Plan (PSP). In the process, the relevant data from A-Plan is displayed in MindManager and may be edited on both sides.

The MindManager interface is an integral part of the add-on module, Synchronisation. Please refer to our Price list for the prices.

Add-On Synchronization

 Synchronisation module for A-Plan (including the MindManager interface)
A-Plan Add-On Synchronisation

Synchronization of two A-Plan databases

A database in A-Plan may be copied to another computer (e.g. a notebook) easily and ported. In this case, however, the contents of the centralized or external database differ from one another if any changes are made to any one of them. With the help of the synchronization module, both of the different databases may be synchronized with one another so that eventually, both databases are again identical to one another, and no changes are lost.

Synchronization between A-Plan and MS Outlook

Moreover, using the synchronization module, data can be transferred between A-Plan and the personal calendar in MS Outlook (Version 97 or higher, not MS Outlook Express). This avoids the need for duplicate data entry, if, for example, tasks or projects administered with A-Plan also need to be viewed in MS Outlook.

Synchronization between A-Plan and MindManager

See MindManager

The synchronization module is included in the test version of A-Plan and may be tested for 30 days without obligation. It may be licensed together with A-Plan or even subsequently with the help of a new key for permanent use. The price list is given here.

Important: The softwares MindManager and MS Outlook are not included!

Add-On WebViewer

Current plan data available everywhere at all times

The A-Plan WebViewer available as an option, allows you to use any device that is connected to the Internet with any browser, to retrieve the current plan data and time schedules. This requires no installation on the particular device, which means that all the data required is available even on smartphones, such as, for example, the iPhone or on a tablet computer:


A-Plan Add-On WebViewer auf dem iPhone X

Since the Operating System used also has no role to play, the data can also be displayed on a Linux or Apple computer, etc. with the help of the A-Plan WebViewer. The data is refreshed by the A-Plan WebCreator on completely normal Internet pages at a configurable interval of time of your choice and kept updated. In this manner, superiors, others working on the project, the production department, branches, field employees, installation engineers, customers, suppliers, etc. may be kept updated easily and automatically with respect to all information that is necessary for seamless and streamlined operations.

Compared to project management software that is completely web-based, A-Plan offers the following benefits:

  • Compilation and administration of the data in a customary Windows environment (with all the usual functions and features such as continuous mouse operation etc.).
  • No loss in performance while executing the planning resulting from a slow Internet connection.
  • Original data remains on the internal company server.
  • Data backup takes place as always in the internal network.
  • Only data that has been released is provided to the users of the WebViewer.
  • No installation on external devices is required.
  • All types of devices and Operating Systems are supported.

How does the WebViewer work?

 The A-Plan WebViewer has been structured to be as simple as possible and omits all features (such as, for example, Flash player etc.), with which there is the risk of not being supported by certain devices or Operating Systems. The pages of the WebViewer consist of totally normal graphics with a navigation bar located on the left which displays brief text and icons of the first page respectively for quick orientation:


WebViewer PC


Clicking on the views displays them in PDF format and they may then be printed out in high quality (high resolution) if needed:


PDF format


The A-Plan WebCreator prepares the views and updates the Internet pages automatically. It administers the users of the WebViewer and configures all settings for the views. Moreover, you can use the WebCreator to set the updating interval or frequency for each user.


Please refer to the Price list for the costs of the WebViewer or WebCreator.