Meetings, Congresses


The majority of project management programs are over-dimensioned and hence difficult to master and expensive. This is why A-Plan was developed as an alternative in the mid 90's and improved constantly in close coordination with the users.

Thanks to its flexibility, A-Plan is also an excellent tool for the Organisation of Conferences, Congresses, and Events etc. The Single-user version costs, for example, only 249,- EUR, while a network licence for 5 users costs only 1045,- EUR (respectively, plus statutory VAT).

Hence, it is no great surprise that A-Plan, in the meantime, is being used by about 150,000 licensed users in 20,000 organisations and institutions of all industries and sizes.

Benefits of A-Plan:

  • Low costs for purchase and training
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to use
  • High level of acceptance by all users
  • Easy installation and administration
  • Well structured project & resource tables
  • Transparent team and resource utilization
  • Enabled for multi-user and multi-project capability without limitations
  • Features individually adaptable
  • Indicators identify problems before they occur
  • Significant improvement in your organization
  • Compatible with MS Project

Event management with A-Plan

The following example illustrates certain views of A-Plan when using it for event management. Important: For an optimal display, we recommend the full screen view (lower right corner):

Click on the button to load the content from

Load content

Please open after the installation in the menu "File" the file "bsp_Event" so that you can use the above shown event planning example as a pattern or template.


A-Plan add-on WebViewer on the iPhone X

The A-Plan WebViewer available as an option, allows you to use any device that is connected to the Internet with any browser, to retrieve the current plan data and time schedules.