SQL-Version of A-Plan

What is A-Plan SQL?

A-Plan SQL is an additional variant of  A-Plan which allows you to save your data alternatively on a Microsoft SQL Server.

When should I use A-Plan SQL?

Although the standard version of A-Plan has been improved substantially, the SQL variant is faster when more than 10 users access a database simultaneously. Compared to the enhanced standard version, the performance of the SQL variant is better by some 20 % to 50%.

Another benefit of the SQL variant of A-Plan is that a common database can be accessed simultaneously via Internet even from different locations.

Therefore you should use the SQL variant of A-Plan if

  • more than 10 users access an A-Plan database simultaneously,
  • your A-Plan database holds more than approx. 5,000 to 10,000 records (=rows or lines)
  • you already have an SQL Server and want to store your A-Plan data on this server too or
  • you want to access common data via an Internet connection.

For a detailed description of A-Plan SQL please click here: Information_about_A-Plan_SQL-version.pdf.