Project Management Software by braintool

Since 1996, braintool software GmbH from Stuttgart has been pursuing only one goal: to help projects of all kinds succeed by providing a user-friendly and affordable project planning tool.

The planning miracle for project management is called A-Plan and was developed by project managers for project managers. Taking into account the actual existing requirements, a solution was developed that is easy to use, covers the most important aspects of project planning and resource planning and is also very affordable.

Projektmanagement Software von braintool


Over 150,000 users in 20,000 companies and institutions rely on A-Plan. Well-known customers from a wide range of industries such as Siemens, Continental, Adolf Würth, Roche, Haufe Verlag or BEHR Industry achieve more planning reliability, efficiency and transparency in their projects with A-Plan.

With its powerful team of experts, braintool software concentrates exclusively on the subject of project management and offers a large number of extensions to A-Plan, product-related consulting as well as comprehensive service and training.