An alternative to common project management software

A-Plan is a reasonably priced, easy to learn software for project management, project planning and resource planning. The program is an alternative for the usual project management software that is too complex for many cases of application and too expensive while requiring unnecessarily long training periods. There are various variants of A-Plan, so that the right tool for every case of use is provided..

The vital benefits of A-Plan are:

  • simple handling
  • high acceptance with all operators
  • unrestrictedly usable for multiple users and multiple projects
  • simple access to all projects and resources in a database
  • low costs of purchase and training
  • compatible with MS Project

Because of this, A-Plan is already being used by over 150.000 licensed users in about 20.000 companies and institutions!


Project management software to the point

A-Plan is a program, developed by and for project managers, that is easy to manage and covers all aspects of project management as well as resource management, project controlling and document management. On top of that, it is very reasonably priced. Even though the basic functions of A-Plan are intentionally kept simple, you can manage information about project portfolio management (PPM), risk management and skill management due to its flexible structure. The project management office (PMO) or project office will profit from A-Plan as well.

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Easy handling

The handling of A-Plan can be learned quickly and easily. One reason for that is the familiar arrangement of windows with a multi-function bar that is known from the MS Office Suite.

  • Access to all data in one window
  • Intuitive handling through multi-function bar
  • Status switch for quick overview over certain processes (e.g. ongoing, overdue, critical, etc.)
  • Flexible filters
  • Periodic processes
  • Up to 99 personal and 99 global profiles, in which any and all settings (including viewing of the data, filter, printer settings etc.) can be saved.

Resource planning

A-Plan offers convenient features for product development and production planning:

  • Simultaneous view of processes and resources including work time, absence, workload and assigned processes.
  • Any desired working hours of resources (irregular ones as well, overtime, etc.)
  • Any desired cost rate (various ones as well, depending on working hours etc.)
  • Resources can be assigned to the processes with differing utilization and at any desired times.
  • Automatic calculation of the necessary duration of the single processes
  • Automatic distribution of effort onto any desired time periods
  • Resources can be persons, machines, but also rooms etc.


  • Flexible print of the data analogous to the screen display as a table with calendar (Gantt diagram) and extensive setting possibilities
  • Various print templates can be saved
  • Company logo, text field etc. can be embedded
  • Print can be saved as graphics file and for example be sent as an e-mail


Aside from the print output you have the option of creating flexibly configurable reports:

  • Reports in the MS-Excel format, so that any desired further processing or data transfer is possible
  • Content and format can be adjusted with the aid of various templates

Network version

  • In the network version (=multi-user license), multiple users can simultaneously access one database with any desired number of projects
  • For each user it is possible to assign different authorization levels for all projects
  • For the frequent access to more than about 10 users simultaneously you can use A-Plan SQL (see SQL version).



Through optional add-ons, A-Plan offers additional modules for even broader fields of application.

  • With optional Add-Ons, A-Plan offers even broader fields of application.
  • Time recording – precise minute-by-minute recording and offsetting of the actually arisen effort
    Synchronization – Synchronization between A-Plan databases as well as between an A-Plan database and MS-Outlook. Supports MindManager
  • WebViewer – Project data and appointments can be viewed on any desired internet browser

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