System requirements

A-Plan Standard

Operating system*: Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 or higher
Processor: Processor from approx. 10,000 “Cinebench R23” points (multi core), see e.g. Benchmarks Cinebench R23
Graphics card: If you do not have very high resolution (> 4K) or multiple screens, standard mid-range graphics cards are sufficient.
RAM: >= 16 GB
Hard disk space: approx. 300 MB
Server: File server without special requirements for storing the central database (not required for single-user version)

*On Apple computers, A-Plan runs only if Windows has also been installed (e.g. with the help of Bootcamp or parallels)!

A-Plan SQL:

Requirements as for “Standard”, but additionally a Microsoft SQL Server (from Vers. 2012, also Express version is sufficient) is required.