Construction schedule

The majority of project management programs are over-dimensioned and hence difficult to master and expensive. This is why A-Plan was developed as an alternative in the mid 90's and improved constantly in close coordination with the users.
A-Plan got rid of with functions that are seldom required and thus, focuses on the requirements that are actually present. In this manner, A-Plan is optimal for use in construction schedules, and it may be used to even prepare H & S Plans.
Because of this, it is no great surprise that A-Plan, in the meantime, is being used by about 150,000 licensed users in 20,000 organizations and institutions of all industries and sizes, whereby a large part of these pertains to the Construction Industry.


Benefits of A-Plan:

  • Low costs for purchase and training
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to use
  • High level of acceptance by all users
  • Easy installation and administration
  • Well structured project & resource tables
  • Transparent team and resource utilization
  • Enabled for multi-user and multi-project capability without limitations
  • Features individual adaptable
  • Indicators identify problems before they impact
  • Significant improvement in your organization
  • Compatible with MS Project

Construction schedule with A-Plan

The following example illustrates certain views of A-Plan when using it for construction schedule. Important: For an optimal display, we recommend the full screen view (lower right corner):

A-Plan add-on WebViewer on the iPhone X

The A-Plan WebViewer available as an option, allows you to use any device that is connected to the Internet with any browser, to retrieve the current plan data and time schedules.

Please open after the installation in the menu "File" the file "bsp_Bauzeitenplan" or "bsp_SiGePlan" so that you can use theabove shown event planning example as pattern or template.