History of Changes A-Plan 2016

Release 14.01.021 (04-30-18)
– With locked planning, limits are now also blocked
– Days of the working calendar can no longer be deleted

Release 14.01.020 (12-05-17)
– In rare cases, Rel. 14.01.019 generated errors in working hours

Release 14.01.019 (11-14-17)
– Milestones in headlines are now the same color as the originals of the milestones
– Global column names were not always saved correctly

Release 14.01.018 (09-12-17)
– Horizontal scrolling of the table with the arrow keys did not work
– At time tracking, no times could be entered for some tasks of a resource
– On some systems, the Gantt chart does not display the stored size when you restart A-Plan

Release 14.01.017 (07-06-17)
– Taskbars generated in a resource line were not added to planned effort
– With active buffer mode, no shift of taskbars was possible if a following taskbar was locked

Release 14.01.016 (04-26-17)
– Negative actual times can now also be imported
– The overtime calendar was not considered in the resource line

Release 14.01.015 (03-20-17)
– Embedded objects sometimes could not be opened
– Insertion and deletion of large blocks much faster

Release 14.01.014 (01-25-17)
– resource can not be moved to another group
incorrect display of capacity utilization

 Release 14.01.013 (12-20-16)
– Input in the columns begin and end improved
– Clicking on the name scrolls to the corresponding taskbar in the Gantt chart
– More detailed message when opening an invalid database

Release 14.01.012 (11-02-16)
– Error 73 removed
Error when sending e-mails to multiple recipients removed

Release 14.01.011 (09-26-16)
– Favorites are now always expanded in the resource selection window.
– For passive projects/tasks no statuses, such as “unclear”, are hidden in the status column.
– Names in the resource column are displayed in alphabetical order.

Release 14.01.010 (07-24-16)
Display of incorrect workload in resource selection
– Favorite resource selection will not be updated
– Tooltip is not hidden

Release 14.01.009 (06-16-16)
– A-Plan stops by shifting a block of taskbars

Release 14.01.008 (05-12-16)
– Fixed bug when moving with real time links
– For newly created time bar duration is “0”

Release 14.01.007 (04-27-16)
– Error 3709 when creating a SQL database

Release 14.01.006 (04-21-16)
– Sorting of tasks at resources view now consistently according to sort setting
(without considering the order of the associated folders and projects)
– Sorting of resource reset on restart always on “chronological”
– Filter “Current Week” showed “Today + 7 days” (also applies analogously to other “Current …” filters)

Release 14.01.004 (03-31-16)
– When copying a project, the permissions are not always copied correctly.
– A-Plan crashes if color depth < 32 bit

Release 14.01.002 (03-03-16)
– A-Plan freezes when an empty database with the user ‘admin’ is opened.
Sometimes no response when you click a toolbar element

Release 14.00.039 (02-25-16)
– Faster changing of profile

Release 14.00.038 (02-20-16)
– First release of A-Plan 2016